She Stopped Living in Tomorrow and Started Living for Today

brick roadI got home last night after having traveled for more than 24 hours. Las Vegas to Los Angeles to London and home to Stockholm. In total I have been away from home more in the last two months than I have been here. I am not complaining, I love the life I have been given, but I could not help, when at 9:40pm I arrived at home to a messy flat, no food and a clogged drain that coming home would be a lot better if someone had been there to meet me. I allowed my mind to wonder what it would be like to walk through the doors of my home airport to find someone waiting with flowers or a stupid sign that says my name, not caring that I look like crap after traveling for so many hours and probably drool on my shirt from sleeping sitting up on a plane.

Then I snapped myself out of my little pity party and realised that at this time, if I had someone to come home to that I probably would not be living the life I currently am.

Then I saw this on Instagram.


I was originally going to write a post on balance today. That topic had been drifting in and out through my mind all day, but this seemed like just one of those signs.

I have had in the past tended to want to throw my life forward. Wherever I was, I wanted to be somewhere else. Single? Married. Canada? England. Working? school. Where was not always a physical place.

However, the past two to three years I have been learning a very important lesson. Just be.

It is often in the circumstances that God is shaping us to be who we are. Whether it is an emotional, spiritual, physical or mental transformation, we are, as humans, continually transforming and becoming the people we are supposed to be.

Right now I have the absolute privilege to be able to travel freely for work and pleasure, spend my money how I want, physically improve myself and invest my time, energy and money into other people how I choose. What I am able today is preparing myself for my future…and who knows who I may meet along the way.

I don’t know yet know what my future will look like. It could all change tomorrow. I do know that ultimately I want to do is honor God in all I do and be sure I am living the best life I can.

Do I do that every day and every hour? No, but it’s a journey.

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