Commitment…it’s a scary word.


This is a simple post. Nothing ground breaking or revolutionary. It’s a post about the simplest yet the most complicated aspect of life. It’s about love.

Actually, it’s about more than that…it’s about commitment.

A couple married 65 years were asked how they have stayed married for such an extraordinary amount of time. Their answer: “we come from a time when we fixed what was broken instead of simply throwing it away.”

One of my favourite movies of all time is When Harry Met Sally. More than the story itself  (although it’s got some funny lines!!) I adore the vignettes that run throughout the film, where  elderly couples tell stories about how they met. Each with a unique and very amusing story. My favourite line is “At that moment I knew I knew like you know a good melon”

How many times have you walked down the street and seen an older couple walking, holding hands and gone “aww”? Or maybe, like me, you recently watched as a gentleman of around 70 stood on the platform, waiting for the train, clutching a bouquet of flowers, and wondered…do you think he gets those for his wife every week? or even every day? I wonder what the occasion is?

Some people dream of an epic romance, some simply want to be married (the latter, I feel sorry for). I want a best friend. Someone who can make me laugh until my stomach hurts. Someone whose passion for life, people and God shines. Someone who will dance with me at 3am in the middle of the kitchen when life is a bit too hard, to celebrate or just because we want to.

I want a love that knows that when things are broken you fix it.

I reckon that there’s not enough of that in our lives nowadays. Commitment. Honour. Devotion.

In a world that is becoming more transient it’s easier to think that someone better will come along. In a world where there’s plenty of opportunity to not commit to the job that you have been entrusted with. In a world where consumer goods are becoming less expensive or upgrades, updates and new versions are constantly available, not to be satisfied with what you have because getting something new is just too easy.

So instead of flaking out, throwing it away or giving up…

Let our yes’s be yes and our no’s be no. Let’s be people whose word means something. Let’s fall in love with our best friend and make it work because the world needs examples of people who just don’t give up.

Let’s keep running the race…let’s commit.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith -2 Timothy 4:7

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