Dancing Alone in My Room


A few weeks ago I posted this on Facebook:

“Dear Future Husband, there will be random dance parties to cheesy music in our home. That is all.”

I had just finished dancing around my room to “Raise your glass” by Pink and full of endorphins. I adore dancing. In my room, in dance classes…anywhere. In fact, I have the privilege of being a youth leader and one of my favorite parts of every Friday night is dance party with all the kids.

Earlier this year I started taking dance classes at my gym: booiaka. It’s crazy. Here’s a video if you want to check it out.

The thing is, I needed something to not only get fit but also to keep my mind off of everything I had to deal with mentally and emotionally this year. Dancing became the way I let go. I mean, if you look at some of the moves you have to do on that video…and then picture me doing them…well, I hope you get a good laugh.

What I found was that dancing gave me a break from life, a way to gain my confidence back…but maybe most importantly a way to let go.

Sometimes in life, we just need to let go.

Our lives are full of stress, worry, frustrations and challenges. They’re also full of love and celebration, joy and peace.

What do you do when the negative overwhelms the positive? When life overwhelms you and just taking one step at a time is all that is possible?

I do three things…

1)   Pray

2)   Ask myself I can really do anything about it right now

3)   DANCE

I believe in God and I believe He has my best interest at heart. So, if trouble comes I try and stop, pray and let Him know I know He is still in control.

Then I stop myself, breathe in and ask if I can really do anything about the situation at that moment. Most of the time the answer is no…

And then…just like when I am happy…I dance. I put on some crazy music; grab my hairbrush and dance around my room like a madwoman.

My challenge to you is this…next time life gets you a bit down, stop, give it up, and then let it go…literally…you may not dance…but do something that frees you from the situation and gets your mind off of life.

Trust me.

It works.

3 thoughts on “Dancing Alone in My Room

  1. Love your blog and LOVE your passion for GOD. I read a lot of it today and was led here from a comment you made about your breakup on a different website. I pray you find a man that loves to dance:)

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