2012…You Definitely Surprised Me (or…what I learned in 2012)


I rang in 2012 in Cancun, Mexico, seated beside a pool that glistened against the brightly colored lanterns like giant hard candy sparkling in the dark night. My heart was whole and so in love, my mind excited for the would-be and could-be’s of what 2012 would bring.

Little did I know that just six weeks later the 2012 I hoped for, even simply considered or was promised would be whipped away like a thief in the eponymous night.

Now, just a few short weeks away from 2013 as I plan to ring in the new year to the sounds of Auld Lang Syne with a beautiful friend who I have known for many years I have began to reflect on what 2013 will bring.

As I began to plan that morning to myself that I take every year, that morning where I put to paper my goals, dreams and aspirations for the next year, I thought it would first be wise to reflect on all that I learned in 2012; for it is what we have already learned that makes us who we will become.

So here they are, the lessons learned, some new, some relearned…

Those who love you the most cause the deepest wounds.

Your life, at some point, will change in an instant.

Dare to move, you may be walking into your miracle.

Those who talk badly about you are doing it because they have an issue; fear, insecurity, jealousy. INSTEAD focus on what God says about you.

Start today. Whatever it is…start today to change what you need to.

Be open to people you may not normally have noticed. They could be your future best friend or your future spouse. Even better, maybe they need you in a way no one else can fulfil.

Smile more.

Allow the time you need to heal. Trust me, it’s not shameful or embarrassing to take time to be whole again.

Stop for a moment every day and be thankful for what you have been given and STOP thinking about what you have lost.

Tell people the truth all the time and do it in love.

It is truly better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. Falling in love taught me more than I ever could imagine; about myself, about others…the good, the bad and the ugly, but those lessons are valuable.

If something happens that derails you from the path you were on, stop, think back to what your dreams and goals were before you headed in this new direction. Then, if those goals or dreams were still there…pursue those. They’re your hearts’ greatest desire.

Pursuing what you need to may not always be easy; in fact, many days will be the hardest you have ever had. However, it’s because you are becoming the person you need to be that the enemy wants to take that away from you. Stop. Refocus on the One who gave you those dreams and…keep smiling.

Bake more. People like eating homemade food…

Probably most importantly, I relearned, again and again that God has me. His eye is always on the sparrow and I am important to Him in everything I do. He loves me broken, He loves me whole. He loves me when I feel like no one else does. He loves me when I feel rejected, alone, betrayed. He loves me in the joyful moments and on the days where life is just plugging along. This is not a new truth but one that I want to learn every day…every year…


Tell people you how you feel. Do not hide it because you never know what tomorrow will bring.














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