Faith to move ahead…

I have to apologise for the delay in writing lately. It’s been 9 days since I moved from London to Stockholm and between arriving, meeting new friends, church, orientation and just socialising, life has been pretty busy. This afternoon it’s pouring rain here in Stockholm and after taking a bus tour of the city with a bunch of international students I came home to just chill.

I just took some time to write a letter to my family and friends who, like this blog, I have ignored for at least a week trying to get settled into life in a new country and as I wrote that letter I realised just how much this quote from Philip Yancey is true:


I have touched on this topic before but I feel like it’s something I just keep learning, so maybe it’s a reminder I still need as I enter this season of life.

It’s often been said that hindsight is 20/20…that when we look back on life we understand the “why’s” much better than when we’re in the middle of them. It’s so easy to have faith when we know what will happen next, not so much when the only part of the path that is lit is the next step and otherwise all you see ahead is darkness.

I have been reading lately about being in the wilderness, in a time of life where God has allowed you to go through a difficult time, a drastic change in circumstance or season which leaves you questioning everything.

I have found that in these times I have had to learn to trust God in ALL things. Please don’t get me wrong, life isn’t always difficult or challenging, sometimes these changes are exciting but I don’t know why they happened they way they do. Personally, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to leave London after 7 years, with an established career, part in church and incredible family of friends. Instead, I am now living in a new country, with new challenges, exciting opportunities and I’m sure a few hard days mixed in there. What this season has taught me already, is that often we have to trust that what is happening now will make sense in the future.

When I keep my eyes and my heart focused on God even the hardest moments can be challenging. Instead of concentrating on my circumstances I try to focus on the One who loves me, my creator, healer, provider, my all in all.

A pretty simple lesson but one that keeps popping up again and again.

So today, whatever season you are facing, circumstance you are dealing with, or decision that needs to be made, step back, slow down and trust Him. Have faith that you will look back on today and it will all make sense…


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