I wrote this post for SoWorthLoving a few days ago but I wanted to share it here. I probably wrote it for myself as a reminder but today I saw the above quote and thought that I have to be reminded about the words I speak…and even simply think…

When we aren’t careful about what we say in fear, hurt, anger or for acceptance we may say something that we will one day regret…and as the post below reflects, if you’re the target of words said in such circumstances, remember…it’s not about you…

Hope you enjoy…


Don’t apologize for who you are.

I found out something recently. I discovered that my ex was saying things about me that are simply not true. These things could have really hurt me. They could have devalued my worth. They could have made me feel like I was less than worth loving. They had the power to ruin or destroy the memories of a perfectly good relationship. They could have crippled me as I move into the next season of my life. But I chose to leave them in the past and rid them from my life.

Words are powerful things. And often people do not realise that the words they speak out loud can have a much greater affect on a person than imagined. Words spoken in self-defence, in anger, in fear, in shock can wreck a person…Admittedly, I am just as guilty of this as anyone and for that I am sorry.

However, unless the words spoken over you breathe life, there is no reason that you need to accept them. The best thing I learned is that it simply does not matter what others say about you. In fact, their opinion is none of your business.

People are always going to talk. They will vent, they will freak out and try to defend their actions by blaming you or making you look bad. They may even dare speak badly about your looks, your character or your personality.

In those moments, remember a few things. You choose to believe what is said about you. You have the power to not listen to those words, to not accept bad reports and to live your life as fabulous and amazing as you can ever live. And if anything remember something my mom taught me as a child, “I’m rubber, and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and STICKS to You.”
What others say about you is ACTUALLY a reflection on who they are; not who you are.

You are so worth loving, every ounce, inch, every giggle, word spoken, action taken. Rise up, stop caring what others think about you and conquer today because that’s all we are given.

One thought on “Words

  1. Dear Michelle, you are wise beyond your years. Thank-you for these beautiful words, that are just perfect for my soul. God has given you a gift of writing. Keep writing.
    With Love Margaret Boschmann

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