A Whole New World


My business/PR mentor and friend Peter offered some advice on his website’s blog that got me thinking. Whilst I may be quoting him incorrectly, and I hope I’m not, he basically said that having a business and personal identity, particularly on Twitter was not on. No matter what, your information will be found out and therefore trying to create two separate identities is futile.

I thought about this in light of who I am in all spheres of my life; in work, at church, at the gym or at home. In all areas of life I am Michelle and I can’t be any one but me. I may choose to not share all information with everyone, and in business situations choose my words and my actions to suit the situation, but inherently I cannot be any one but me. I put my own twist on who I am.

I think often, especially as Christians, we can try and cover up one side of who we are when we’re not in church or around our friends who share similar beliefs. But like the fact that I cannot hide my sunkissed skin after I get back from holidays I cannot hide the light of Christ that shines (hopefully) through me.

So with that in mind I am (as hinted in my last post) changing it up a bit. Michelle, the Christian, the daughter, the friend, the PR girl, the writer, the singer, the soon-to-be-Masters student and expat again will all be found in one place. I’ll be changing my Twitter; combining my accounts, and making this blog  more structured. I’ll also be introducing my website and blog for my business (which is more of a place to find my business than to find out about me).

Hopefully you’ll come along on all of the journey but watch out for the following:

Mondays will be all about my life in Stockholm as a post-grad student and freelancer…

Wednesdays will focus on what’s going on spiritually, what I have learned and lessons to share…

Fridays, please join me as I train for the Stockholm marathon and reach my fitness goals of a journey that started years ago.


So here goes nothing…

Because everyone needs a bit of Disney


xxx michelle

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