Walking through an Open Door…

Stockholm, Sweden; my new home. I’m still getting my mind wrapped around the fact that I’m leaving the only home I have known my entire adult life. I’m leaving the comfort of a huge group of friends, my primary language and a full time job. In September I will be a student again, pursuing my Masters of Science in Consumer and Business Marketing and because that’s not enough for me, freelancing. In some ways this feels like a bit of a life break but realistically this is an opportunity to grow, challenge myself and live the life that God put on my heart.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that life doesn’t always work out how you thought it might. It’s not always going to take you down a path of least resistance or open every door with a golden key. Life is not about ease of access to opportunity or going about life existing. As Christians life is about showing the world that there is hope and life beyond what we see now and that we are so loved by a God who wants to give us life abundantly. And frankly, sometimes those lessons are best learned through plans gone wonky, broken hearts and tear stained paths. It’s in how we deal with those moments that show the world that defeat is not in our vocabulary and that no matter what…we will come out fighting.

Pre-relationship I wrote a list of things that I was dreaming about. Those things have never changed, the only thing that changed is that in my foreseeable future I won’t be doing them with someone. So, I took some steps to see if some doors opened and one big one did. I have had it on my heart that one day I would go back to school to give myself a stronger foundation, so that all those dreams and ventures that are on my heart, may eventually come to fruition (in some form).

Many years ago I sat down with a friend who told me she was moving to Africa to volunteer in a baby’s home. Setting aside some of the bigger desires of heart she took a leave of absence and went. What she told me next, comforts me now. She said that over the years she had been prepared for this move without even knowing it. It was little changes in her heart, experiences, people she met etc that allowed her heart to be open to such a big move. Now, as I look back over the past seven years living in London I can see that I have been prepared for this move too. It’s so beautiful to see how God intricately weaves his thread through our lives not missing one stitch as he designs a gorgeous canvas. note: that girl lived so faithfully and now not only has amazing life experiences, but all those desires she put on hold are coming true now with a little princess on the way with her husband she met whilst on her grand adventure.

So here is to next steps, future plans and great adventures. Over the next few weeks I’ll be changing the format of this blog a bit. I will reveal more, but I envision set days I post on, with specific themes on each day. I hope you’ll join me as my journey continues…because frankly…The Best is Yet to Come…

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