Your value does not lie in your decisions

Hi All! I blog at as well…and wanted to share today’s post with y’all here. love from sunny London!


What happens when your plans don’t come to fruition? What does it feel like when the plans you made with someone fall tragically to the wayside? How do you respond when a decision you made and acted on for your life turns out to be the “wrong” one?

Do you feel downcast? Does your heart feel heavy inside your chest? Is your worth called into question (mainly by you and no one else).

You are not alone. These feelings of sadness, rejection, confusion and lack of self-worth happen to many or perhaps, dare I say, ALL of us.

But know this…one day the sadness will lift. Old plans will be replaced by new ones. Dreams will fill the pages of your journal, dreams that outshine what currently feels like the be all and end all of dreams.

Remember that no one else’s decisions can change your destiny. True, they may change the path to getting there but if something good is meant for you, it will come to fruition.

Your value does not lie on your decision making ability. It does not lie in whether someone chose to spend their life with you. And it definitely does not lie in what you do.

You, yes you, are so worth loving. Don’t let any bump in your road tell you otherwise.

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