so worth loving

A few months ago I stumbled upon a clothing company and brand called So Worth Loving. For many years I have had it on my heart that men and women should know the value that they hold. I think it started out at a young age when I was in gymnastics. I was 5. I met a girl there who had never been out of Canada. You can ask my parents, at 5 years old I’m pretty sure I’d been on a plane more than I could count. This beautiful girl had not only never been out of Canada, but never out of our province or on any kind of plane, train or long haul bus. Her parents said to my dad “when we go on holiday we don’t want to take the kids; we need a break.” I remember looking at my friends eyes and thinking that she looked a bit hurt.

I can’t judge those people and their motivations, but I do recall thinking that they didn’t really love their kids. They probably did but to a 5 year old who was adored and taken all over the place, that wasn’t love.

Growing up I was not only told I was loved but understood in the actions portrayed by those around me, that I was valued, loved and precious. My heart sinks when I see people around me who, through no fault of their own, have not had value placed upon them. So, when I came across soworthloving I was ecstatic and really wanted to get involved.

About Eryn (from

Before I founded So Worth Loving, before I had ever thought of customizing t-shirts or realized I could empower people with a simple message, I was just a little girl in a small town where everyone had an opinion of who you should be. As the youngest of three girls, I saw the struggle to meet the impossible standards for success set by the media and reinforced through peer pressure; but I also saw the strength that can be drawn from the support of your family and people who love you. Years later, it was that same support system that encouraged me to spurn conventional wisdom and pursue my passion for music, which ultimately provided me with a platform to spread this positive message. Struggling with the unfair expectations put on you is something you don’t have to do alone. And So Worth Loving is a community of people dedicated to spreading that message and helping empower people to pursue their dreams.

Eryn Erickson | Founder
So Worth Loving, est. 2011

So, now I’ll not only be blogging from Beyond Rubies but also contributing to this AMAZING movement too. Hope you will join me.

xx michelle

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