Fighting instant gratification or limiting your future

I sat in NYC last week with my dear friend, getting over a break up I lamented that my options had changed and she looked at me and said “But now they’re limitless, you can do anything.”

It got me thinking about what I want to do and what I was doing to get there.

I have already written about our purpose and making a difference, but this time I started thinking about the choices we make on a daily basis, looking at the short term versus the long term. When I’m making decisions today; am I thinking about the short term, immediate gratification or am I thinking about how that will benefit not only me, but others, long term?

When someone says “A year ago you wish you had started today” what comes to mind? For me, it was exercise and learning a new language. It’s also starting my freelance career and being more than financially stable. If I chose to eat less than healthy and skip the gym today, what would be the consequences? Probably nothing major but what habits am I setting for myself? How are you setting up your life so that you will be ready when that moment comes? What do you have to put in place now?

Take it a step further, I’m sure you have big dreams…exciting plans, desires in your heart, a difference you want to make in the world. I think it’s equally as important to look at what is taking up the time, energy and resources (that which you want now) that may hinder you from getting where God needs you to be? Or where you believe you can best benefit others?

It’s my challenge today; how am I best setting up my future?

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