She Paused…

I’m back!

NYC was absolutely awesome and I must post pictures soon!

I was flipping through albums today on Facebook and one caught my eye. I took a moment, paused and looked through it. It was full of beautiful memories that I will always cherish. What struck me was that although I will not have those memories again I felt a sense of peace as I looked at them and subsequently marked them as private and moved on.

I read a quote last week that said “You can never write the next chapter of your book if you keep re-reading the last.” I want to write the next chapter, to see what the next season looks like and to live each day in the present. As my heart heals I can now stop looking back and look forward to whatever happens next.

What is it in your life that you keep looking back at? Is it your days in school? An old romance? A time when things weren’t so tough, or perhaps a time when it was so tough that you still remain in self-pity?

It’s time to pause, take a deep breath and start writing your next chapter…

2 thoughts on “She Paused…

  1. Great blog! Yes I've been reminiscing on the old days while I was back in Melbourne, revisiting my old schools, uni etc. Isa 43:18-19 is a good verse for me. Should be good for you too!

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