Taking Chances

What do you say to taking chances, what do you say to jumping off the edge? Never knowing if there’s solid ground below?

I posted the video below to Celine Dion’s Taking Chances…Okay, admittedly it’s really cheesy but the idea behind the song has hit home recently. Last night at my birthday drinks I was talking to a friend who has decided to take a leap and pursue her dreams. We had a conversation about how sometimes you just need to do exactly what you know in your heart is your passion and your calling.
I love the quote above, from Scarlett Johannsson…in the quote she was referring to her divorce but I believe it’s true no matter what…if your goals are the same, keep working towards them…no matter what gets in the way. 
I am guilty of putting off what I know I am supposed to do because of finances, fear, guilt, or simply not working hard enough. I’m not doing anyone a favor by playing it safe in the world. Are you? I’m not condoning living life with wild abandon or being unwise but if there are dreams and goals in your life then why aren’t you taking a chance on them? This post from I am that Girl really hit me yesterday. What is stopping you from starting today? Be it love, work, hobby, whatever it is…why aren’t we taking chances? 
sidenote: It’s probably not going to come easy, it is probably going to take a lot of work, and you are probably going to come up against a LOT of resistance but keep going because often when something is going to change your life or someone else’s you will struggle, but that is an entirely different post to come.


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