I wouldn’t trade mine for the world (friends)


They sit in the movie theatre & seat-dance to “My Heart will go on” and hip-hop music with you.

They will spend most of their Saturday cleaning out your apartment with you.

They will looked shocked and upset but ultimately support you when you tell them you’re thinking of moving.

They drive you to the airport & pick you up when you have to fly home for a family emergency.

They send you cards just to say hi and to “keep smiling.”

They write you encouraging emails even though they have busy, full lives.

They meet you in the park and bring the drinks just because it’s a nice evening.

They support your decisions, act selflessly, not selfishly, hug you when you cry (and tell you to stop when it’s just time), they laugh with you, they celebrate.

I have the best friends. I don’t know how they always put up with my randomness, my annoying habit to plan everything, my tendency to stress or cry at random moments…but they do. They’re amazing. 
Through my friends I have felt the love of God so strongly. No matter where I am in the world or where they are…we have stuck by each other through thick and thin. 

Community is so important…cherish those friends who don’t give up on you and don’t give up on them. Remember that a real friend is selfless. Support them even when you don’t understand. Let them move on with their lives. Watch them fall in love. Celebrate the little things. Let them break down when they need. You really never know the impact you have on someone’s life…

Then stand on the balcony of your best friends apartment shaking your booty and singing “my milkshake brings all the boys to yard.” go on…I dare you.

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