I have too much stuff

My name is Michelle and I have a disease: it’s called German-Oma syndrome. It’s self-diagnosed but any woman from a German background will relate. It’s an obsession with keeping things clean and tidy. I however have another syndrome: the inability to get rid of stuff. The combination of these ensures that every once in awhile, particularly when I’m really really busy and have been travelling a lot, my place gets so out of control it starts freaking me out and makes me breakdown in a flood of tears. Yes, it sounds mad but it’s true and you can ask my ex, he probably thought I was insane.

One one of my goals this year is to become more organised in my home (I live in a studio flat, no wait, what the English call a bedsit which really means I have a kitchen in my bedroom and a couch to the side), and get rid of a lot of the excess in my life (clothes, books, stuff and that which is not so tangible as well). I have found on Pinterest a lot of great tips on how to do this…

My motivation is not solely to get rid of stuff, but to lead a more simple life and not let material goods or the need to have control me in anyway.

I love this article from The Good Women Project on learning you have too much stuff…It challenges you to understand where your motivation in having “stuff” comes from…now, I am not going stop buying that which I need and making my home comfortable and pretty (or pretty clothes because I need to be presented well in public) but it does allow me to re-evaluate my need for stuff and the hold that it may have on me.

So, spring cleaning challenge: I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this, see your before and after photos. I think if we can help spur each other on we’ll all be more motivated to lead a more clean life…

And because it’s Friday, here’s one of my fave songs from “He is We”

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