Hold your head high & laugh in the face of adversity

Do you ever feel that it all hits you at once? Just as parts of your life are moving ahead, showing breakthrough, and getting exciting you’re hit with a barrage of negativity and obstacles.

Honestly, I got some news about my mom yesterday, finding out she’d been injured and not able to make a trip out to NYC for my birthday next week. I held myself together through a new client meeting but by the time I got home, I was devastated and called a dear friend. I could hear myself on the phone, saying I had zero strength left (and that I was definitely pushing hard into God’s love, mercy, grace and providence) but on the other hand my life is abundantly blessed.

It is a conflict, isn’t it? When moments of blessing are combined with circumstances full of grief and pain? I have been challenging myself about how I react in these moments. Where does my heart go? How do I face diversity in the midst of success?

There’s a phenomenon called Tall Poppy Syndrome, when people try to knock you down when you are up. The more you succeed in life, the more you want to do better, be better, improve your life and those around you, there will be forces, in the natural and supernatural that want to hold you back. How will you respond in those situations?

My challenge is to hold my head up high, be full of grace and smile, even if it kills me.

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