dancing in the rain

It was my last year of University and I was writing a paperin my room. I had the basement of a three story house and my window was all of12 inches wide and barely off the ground. Outside I could hear the infamousthunder and lightning storms of Ontario plunging my tiny town into a worlddancing in sparks of light and violent rain.
Head down and trying to understand how I was going to teachon autodeconstructivism I heard a pounding at my window. It got louder andlouder until I stopped, looked up and standing outside were three of my bestfriends beckoning me outside.
I ran up the stairs, grabbed my flatmate K and the five ofus, grown women, danced in the rain at midnight, giggling and jumping inpuddles. When K and I got back in the house we fell down laughing, trying tofigure out how to get our rain-soaked clothes into the wash without creating amudroom all the way down to the basement.
That was easily one of my favourite memories of myuniversity days, taking an opportunity to smile, even in the rain.
It’s easy to smile when we are happy, when times are joyfuland the sun is shining but it’s not as simple or as easy to smile when we aregoing through times of struggle or even when it’s pouring rain and our shoesare soaked and we’re late for work.
But more importantly it reminded me of the power of goodfriends, those friends who help you smile in the rain…those friends who don’tlet you focus on the rain but instead on what the rain brings. Clean, freshstreets, nourishment to the soil and a rainbow (the promise given to us) are allbenefits of the rain.
A good friend gives you grace to cry, to swear, to yell, tofall asleep in their arms when you have not had rest…but a good friend alsotells you to suck it up and move on and gives you a hand to hold when you can’tquite balance yourself. A good friend will reminisce about the good times andremind you that everything can only get better. A good friend dances with youin the rain.
Personally, the last year has been full of sunshine and rainand I realised that my best friends, wherever they are in the world, are thosewho dance with me in the rain…not afraid to get soaking wet just to bring asmile to my face.
For that, I am thankful…

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