Miracles from the Mess

‘The greatest miracle in your life might come out of themessiest season you ever walked through’
Carl Lentz tweeted this last night and immediately I thought of the last year andthe “mess” it’s been.
Lastweek in Stockholm I had a conversation with my client, we were discussing ourlives and all that had transpired over the last year since I had been withthem. She turns to me and goes “this was your year of testing.”
I hadto step back and think…really, I mean, sure there’s been hard times but they havealso been so many very good moments as well. From deaths of family members, tofinancial breakthrough, to falling in love and letting it go, to new futureplans…It’s been an  incredible year…
Howeverit has been messy. Even in the most joyous moments there has been trouble andheartache. And through some of the most horrible moments, light has shonethrough that would light even the darkest of nights. It has been my year oftesting (pretty sure it won’t be my last). Through good and bad I have had tochoose where my hope, my strength and future have come from. My goodness, it’sbeen messy, nights of tears, days filled with joy, wondering if I am doing theright thing, trusting that I didn’t do the wrong thing. Did I always pass? noway…I didn’t always find myself centred in Christ…I was selfish and frustrated,fearful, overexcited, not always careful…but I was also a risk-taker and Igot to experience many new and exciting moments too.
And throughit all I now understand better what it means to trust. It is in the momentswhere we don’t understand, where we have no strength left, or whereopportunities are endless and we can’t choose the one to take, those that seemthe messiest, where we can stop…grab hold of the sink and go “God, Ihave no clue/no strength/no understanding so you really need to stepin…”
Andit’s here that we allow God to move…where we know that He sees the beginningand the end and we can surrender it all to Him, keeping Him in the centre. Hecan then perform the greatest of miracles because we stop and let Him…and whobetter then the author and creator,  Hewho chose to give His son so that we could be free, be in relationship withhim?
 Iwill instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with myloving eye on you.  Psalm 32:8
I havedecided I’m okay with being a mess. I’m on a journey…but He sees the end.

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