No half-hearted living…

I just had lunch with a friend/client and I came away smiling. We were having a discussion about business, life, love, the future and he looked at me and goes “Wow, you don’t do life in halves do you?” and I looked straight back and said “but you don’t either?”
We both came to the conclusion that we have tried to live life with less passion, drive and love and that it’s just not possible…for us. 
As I walked back I thought of the verse in John 10:10 where God talks about the thief and the shepherd…Christ came so we could live life abundantly. 
I don’t want to live life in half measures. There is too much to accomplish, too many people to reach, too many out there that don’t know that there is a hope and love greater than anything they have ever imagined. 
I also very much do not want to do life alone…and I have found that it is especially important to ensure you have the right people beside you. 
Surround yourself with people who live life fully, inspire you and challenge you to move forward. 

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