Live Without Regret

Graduating and moving across the ocean. Quitting my job when I couldn’t see a better alternative. Saying yes to the boy. Starting PT sessions. Dying my hair. Saying goodbye. Applying for my MA. Choosing to wake up every morning thankful and ready to kick butt.

Choices you make, decisions you take…these are all risks. Life isn’t going to be easy, it’s not going to always be flowery meadows and fine wine. Some days will be pricky. Some days you will have to sit in a pub and cry your eyes out with your best friends (getting used to that one). Some days will feel like God has lifted you up and is carrying you through life.

Don’t live with regret. Live life with love. Live life with pure intentions and don’t lose faith or the knowledge that God has His best for you.

Take a risk and then make every effort to make it work.

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