For Her Freedom

note: Today’s post is taking a step out from the usual to highlight that which is far too important to ignore. The One.

There is an estimated 27 million people in slavery today. When I sat in history class back in high school reading books about the underground railway and Harriet Tubman we were told that slavery was abolished.

It may be illegal but it’s still very much around.

“The A21 Campaign was born when the decision was made to raise our hand, and be that “someone.” It was a decision of ordinary people who decided to take responsibility regarding the issue of human trafficking. So with little knowledge, and a lot of passion, in 2007 we set out to make a difference”.

We can raise awareness, as individuals and put a stop to slavery in the 21st century.

Please visit: for more information. 

Download the new single 27 Million by Matt Redman & LZ7 here

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