A Gentleman’s Guide to Surving the 21st Century

I haven’t actually ever written a blogpost promoting another blog; however this one is definitely worth checking out. It’s “The Gentleman’s Guide to Surviving the 21st Century” and it’s written by Max Dubinsky, Make it Mad.

Many years ago I remember a trend of stickers, badges, t-shirts and other paraphernalia with the “Boys Suck” logo splashed across everything. Even at a young age I felt a strong dislike for this mantra. Why would we want to pull down and diminish the men that would one day be husbands, fathers, leaders?

Ephesians 5:22-33 talks about wives submitting to (and respecting) their husbands and husbands loving their wives. In Proverbs 31 the author speaks about how a wife of noble character is pure all her days. I decided (and admittedly I waver on this in moments of emotional breakdowns and frustration, tiredness etc) to build up the men in my life, fathers, uncles, friends, boyfriends, in training for the man I will one day marry and to help my brothers in Christ reach their full potential.

Max wrote “The Gentlman’s Guide to Surviving the 21st Century” and it’s not available as a digital download here. Men, go ahead, have a look…and girls, buy a copy for one of the men in your life. Let’s build strong, healthy relationships together. (and check out Max’s blog too)

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