One Day

“…When you love someone and you see who they’re going to be, but you know that they’re not quite there yet, so you decide to love them on their journey. Sometimes you have to say, “okay, this is not the choice I would make for you, and the choice you’re making for yourself actually hurts me and my belief in you, but I do believe in you, and I do love you, so I’m going to hang in there for you.”

-Anne Hathaway on her on screen  soulmate
In any relationship, mother to daughter, son to father, boyfriend to girlfriend, husband to wife…you make the choice whether you are going to love that person even when they aren’t “there” yet. You love them through it because you see the potential in them. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it takes months but when you know they’re worth the journey, you take it alongside them. You commit to the long run even if you can see that it’s not a comfy, flat ride.

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