Who are you allowing to write your story

Christopher Booker wrote a book called The Seven Basic Plots where he stated that every story ever told fits into one of these categories…whilst this may be true I know that my story is different than everyone else…for my story has been written by my Creator…
Having just attended a women’s conference this weekend I have been thinking a lot about my story. In fact, I was thinking a lot about each of the stories of the women there. Jeanne Mayo, in one session, brought 3 women on stage and told their stories of how they took their crisis as an opportunity to grow. Lisa Bevere used examples from her own life to illustrate how we can in fact, not allow someone else to write our story by not accepting another’s solution as an option and Marilyn Skinner told us stories of hope and redemption in Uganda, stories that built faith.
Each of these stories was different. The plot lines are not the same, the endings unknown and the beginnings, a mosaic of tales.
After the conference a beautiful girlfriend of mine said that although she was inspired, she also felt a bit average against all the amazing women who either spoke or were mentioned at the conference. I thought to myself, how often do we want to compare our lives to others. I remember back almost 6 years ago when I first started working in London. I made so little money and here were all my friends who were buying Prada and going on weekend getaways to fancy hotels. I just wanted the ability to do that too. I would get down on myself that I couldn’t do all those things (forget the fact that they were at least 5 years older and had been in the country way longer than I.) I was comparing. Now recently someone brought up the fact that many of my close, dearest friends had “found the loves of their lives” and it had happened all very quickly. Momentarily I thought, well, why isn’t that my story, why is my story not quick and exciting and dramatic? I was comparing…
In Psalm 139 David writes about how God knows every aspect of our lives and how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows our story and more importantly He knows exactly how it is going to end. God is writing my story. He is writing YOUR story.
I challenge you (and myself) to begin to live your story. Live the life that God is writing for you. St Catherine was quoted saying that if we live God’s will for our lives we’ll set the world on fire.
So, risking sounding terribly cheesy, go set the world on fire and stop thinking that your story isn’t good enough.

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