a wine journey

About two years ago I went to lunch with my boss. He made me choose the wine we would be drinking with lunch. His remark to me was along the lines of “how could I take out a client and look professional if I couldn’t even choose a wine.” Two years on and I realised that I still didn’t really know much about wine. Yes, as I work in PR and part of my job is entertaining clients I should know more about these things. But actually I thought of the scene in “Runaway Bride” when the character played by Julia Roberts realises that she doesn’t even know how she likes her eggs. I reckon too often I go along with what others want just to be polite or not be fussy…but why can’t I know what I like and look a bit posher for it…

So this year is my year to discover my tastes…and first stop is Pinot Nior. I have decided this is one of my favourites…apparently you have good taste if you drink it…read more about it here.

so what are your favourites?

One thought on “a wine journey

  1. I'm not very picky when it comes to wine, I like most reds and whites. But I do love a good Gewurztraminer. I've found that it's a nice white that goes with pretty much everything.<3

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