think, believe, feel

It’s a new year and with that often comes new years resolutions and promises to keep fit, stop this, fix that…

This year I made a decision to look deeper…Often resolutions come from a seemingly surface issue. Whether it’s the need to lose X before your next beach holiday or promising never to eat chocolate again, often these resolutions, whilst they have good intention, are kind of empty. (note: not always is this case but the sheer fact that most people break them and don’t ever try again says a lot for core motivation).
So, this year, I made the decision that I was going to spend 3 weeks in January pushing a bit deeper into who I was, and what long term I needed to work on. There’s loads to write about and hopefully some of it will encourage others. Not every blog is going to be about this, I’ve got a few great book reviews and movies and other silly stuff to write about too!
But before I go I wanted to leave you with a taste for what is next…
What are you feeling today? Are you walking through each day based on how you feel or the truth that you know?
Feelings, emotions, they are powerful and have the ability to really affect you. Their affect is not only psychological but physiological as well.
Here’s a challenge (and my next post will delve deeper into this)…what emotions do you primarily feel? What beliefs are behind those emotions?
What you think is what you believe and what you believe will turn into how you feel…
And sadly, often how we feel turns into how we react or respond…
More next time…

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